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just wondering..

just wondering if you got a call or anything saying that this same exact thing happend to someone in your family what would you do? would you expect the person that "accidently" to serve some kind of sentence? all of this "free ken" stuff is getting out of hand do you realize if we lived in texas accident or not she would lose her life too? at least you can write to her or possibly visit during hours of other words dont push your luck, i mean at least shes still alive instead of being put on death row..oh and another thing kayla..i know your family and they are good people! so why are you acting like this on here for the world to see it? here in america were entitled to our opinions but we have to understand other people have valued opinions as well.

I am from clinton too..but my outlook is eye for an eye, tooth for a the crime do the time..I 100% SUPPORT THE DEATH PENALTY!! DO NOT FREE SHAKENDRIA


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