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amazed at the youth today

Free Ken? I must try and understand first why you feel this way about the situation. HUMMMMM you lost a friend to her own stupid ignorance that took another person’s life. She seems like she was educated enough to know that a knife would possible kill this girl. On the other hand maybe she was just that dumb to not know that bringing a knife to a fight would actually harm someone. Guess we will never know. The fact that you continue to post that the whole class of "whatever year" is 100 percent behind her is Ludacris (and I’m not talking about the rapper FYI). The grammar and text style language makes you all look like hood rats. If your so "behind her" go switch places with her. Take the wrap with your home girl; were you there did you witness the whole thing happen? Well if the answer is yes then YOU ARE JUST AS MUCH TO BLAME. You could have pretended your home girl from going to prison for the rest of her life BUT you didn’t. So wake up and realize you didn’t have her back then and you’re not going to in the future. You don’t "come home" after murder like its nothing. She IS going to prison. She IS going to do some time. No matter what you hood rats think Ken IS GOING TO STAY IN PRISON! Don’t worry though she will be someone’s girlfriend soon and they will take real good care of her, she will learn what "how to use your hands" really means.


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