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Amen to this comment cause i

Amen to this comment cause i know Shakendria better then she knows her self and i know her intentions wasnt on hurting Princess. I just wish ppl would shut there mouth downing her and making her out to be some murder..All Princess soo called friends up her talking blah blah but yall as just at fault as the two girls Shakendria & Princess yall just wanted to see a fight and look what it ended up as one gurl loosing her life and another in jail nothing goood came of this not saying Ken was right for doing what she did but im saying it shouldnt of escalated to the point where Ken had to pull owt a knife..&& umm frm what i hear it was some adults owt there that should of stpd the fight but didnt which is a crying shame..and another thing if princess dad felt as if ken was such a threat to his daughter y would he let her leave wrk known something wasnt right hmmmmm....its soo many ppl to blame at the end of the day cause the fight could of been STOP..ppl just need to get it together and look at it both ways b4 pointing fingers and ready to throw ken under the jail...STR8 LYKE THAT!!


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