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December 20, 2010 my uncle was stabbed and killed by the mother or his children. She stabbed him an inch away from his heart. When he was pronounced dead they said the meds they gave him to restart his heart didnt work, they didnt work because his heart didnt have and blood to help restart it. The young lady that killed him is walking around free. It had taken my family by storm. I hated her so much that i knew i would kill her myself, but then God spoke to me and i begain to think. I knew this woman for 9 years, i knew she loved my uncle dearly and didnt mean to kill him, i knew she wanted to hurt him but not kill him. I also knew he would have went back to her if he would have lived. Yes i forgave her, but i know even though they wont punish her. All in all i know GOD will, even though a person may not have meant to do a certain thing, they still will be punished either way. God still will forgive you but that doesnt mean you dont have to pay for what you did. So to both of the family's my deepest prayers go out to you. Ken i know you may have not meant kill her but just know her parents will never get to talk, laugh, cry, or touch her again.


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