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I see alot of comments

I see alot of comments blaming facebook...STOP IT...because the same thing could have happened on myspace or even yahoo. This is simply the result of ignorance, if you bring any weapon to a fight you had intentions on doing some kind of harm and she, A 19 YEAR OLD, should have known the dangers of using a knife. ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. For all you people that were there and stood there and watched this girl pull out a knife and cut her, and probably got a good laugh about it...ITS NOT SO FUNNY NOW IS IT???...However my love does go out to both families because i've been in a situation where i've lost a family member and ive been in situations where my family member went to jail for harming someone and for both situations i had a shirt made for them that said RIP "Blank" and Free "Blank". The only people who know exactly what happened are Princess, Shakendria, and the Ignorant People who stood and watched this MURDER yes MURDER happen, and 99% of them were probably on Shakendria's side, and she killed Princess so her story will never be heard...Will it?...SHAME...


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