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YOu loss the fight so why would you go back and stab her this is my god sister i loved her so much and now she is gone i wanna know how would you feel how would you feel if you was the one who got stabbed to me if you lost the fight you lost the fight but that dont give you the right to stabbed anyone and take someones life. anyway but i dont really think you should have been the only one who went to prison i think the girl who took you to princess house from CLINTON the girl that brought princess out the house and the girl that gave you the knife should go to jail right with you. but you the one still living walking around and have they rest of your life but she dont have the rest of hers cause you took it from her and what about her mother how you think she feel even tho it was last year how do you think she feel how would any mother feel when they lose their child everytime i see a picture of princess i want to cry every time i see your face it makes me so mad everytime i see her mother i wonder how she feel knowing that her child is gone i look at her everyday and i can see her pain under the smile its pain and you dont even know how it would feel to be her because you might dont even have kids so you dont know the real pain she feels everday i dont know either but i can feel it and i can see it in her and i know it hurts everyday to wake up not having one of your children there with you i wanna ask you another qurstion what if you was a mother and your child was in this situation and got stabbed and killed what would you do? how would you feel? then her daddy how you think he feel really you took their be loved child even tho she wasnt the only child and how you think her younger sister felt to see her older sister the one who she looks up to isnt there anymore you have to put yourself in everyone else shoes and think about how they feel and you would feel if this was you i dont think you would like it so really you should have thought of this before you did it nand then you got life in prison baby girl ask yourself was it really worth it really spending the rest of your life in prison not ever seeing light again for stabbibg someone and killing them for something so stupid think of what you could have done with your life if all this never happened and princess was here and nothing happened between thetwo of you everything was good all the good things you could have done with your life in now you put it all to rest because of what you did. you should think about that.


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