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Brief History

I did a search on this guy as anyone with multiple murders in multiple jurisdictions must have an interesting story. An article on WRAL, a Triangle TV Station, states in pertinent part:

"Thomas was the last of three suspects wanted in connection with the July shooting death of 31-year-old Ralph Joseph in Durham. Police believed the motive in that case was robbery. In 2000, Thomas was named a suspect and later found not guilty in the shooting death of a St. Augustine's College student.

Thomas faces charges, including first-degree murder, kidnapping and robbery in Durham. He is also facing charges of trafficking cocaine in Wake County."

Some would call me a bleeding heart liberal but even I have to question the need for a VERY costly capital trial. Either a.) confine him to total isolation and only the basic necessities, b.) execution without trial; preferably done in-house by a fellow convict with a shank rather than costly medical teams and the array of drugs, or c.) release the evidence and a description of his past and announce that more than likely he did it though since he is serving a non-parolable life sentence it is expensive and somewhat superfluous.

With government opportunity cost, defense attorney pay (since it's capital they're the good, billing kind not the salaried public defender,) specialist testimony, (meager) jury pay, and other expenses this trial will cost over $500,000. Not to mention the automatic appeal which, if unsuccessful, will be followed be several more - all on the state's tab.

This man will be in prison for life no matter the outcome of this case. This is irrefutable. Why not be pragmatic and divert this money to potholes, schools, state parks, anything tangible.

Thanks, from a concerned citizen.


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