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BJ and RC

The Columbus County Sheriff's Department does not need to be given credit for arresting BJ Wright. The Tabor City Police Department has been the one who answered numerous calls at all times of the night and almost every day to the week just to have RC Soles refuse to testify against these men whom he called the TC Police to come and get them off his propety.

I realize it takes agencies working together in crime, but please where in the dickens has Sheriff Batten been all this time? Farming I would say. He needs to step up to the plate more often and quit running to get a photo opt when the cameras are rolling. I don't know why the Sheriff hasn't arrested doctors who write prescriptins coming out of the ying yang to get people hooked. This is the beginning of drug abuse. But nevertheless, BJ Wright does need to be off the street and RC Soles is not an innocent victim. He should be nvestigated because everyone knows he is the money supplier. The FBI could easily get his bank records and trace the money situation. The bail bondsmen know who they get their money from. Why can't a judge make these bondsmen tell who is paying to get BJ and these other guys out of jail? Some people can't handle the truth or don't want to handle the truth. But one day justice will prevail. Just like the Wizard of OZ...celebration will be when the old bad "king' is dead. Then can freedom be enjoyed in Tabor City.


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