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Heroin doesn't descriminate among the educated...

...any more than being "educated" prevents morons from making cold, stupid and pathological statements as you just have!

Let's just put it simply, Mr. Big Shot. I'm going to hope that your "child" (whatever that means) educated head never runs into anything your money or education can't fix!

Maybe when the day comes that you observe your "child" taking "it's" last breath due to an accident, car wreck, cancer or an "accidental ovedose", your senses may come forward to show you what compassion is all about. You have a very difficult, yet educational lesson ahead of you.

We as human beings are extremely vulnerable and our delicate lives can drastically change or END...with the blink of an eye!

Watch your six! Even more, watch your "childs" six! I'd say you're due for an eye-opener!


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