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I wonder if cuts in these areas were explored?

First off, let's look at the Gov's residence, the "Mansion". What was the total cost of upkeep to include grounds maintenance, equipment, utilities, upgrades (interior and exterior), staff and supplies? Any guess to these costs? Do you think these costs were scruitinized and reduced in the least? Highly doubtful!

Next, what about cuts to the truly unproductive yet capable but lazy members of our society here in NC? Section 8 housing is a never ending payout. Foodstamps, another never-ending payout. Free cell phones with "free minutes" and "free texting", TV and radio advertising FOR this and ALL at the taxpayers expense...another never ending payout. Free healthcare for the illegal aliens and those alike that farm babies for a living...another never ending payout. I think an accurate answer to these issues is, they weren't even examined, much less cut!

One immediate requirement to those receiving all of these (and many more) welfare entitlements should be the requirement to pass a monthly drug screen to maintain eligibility. Can't pee straight, can't get free money...simple.

These are easy, on the top, visible areas of scruitinization. There are many other layers we aren't even aware of. Yet the Gov, in all of her glory continues to pull at the heartstrings of productive programs for productive people, while continuing to allow the lazies and the illegals to mooch off of these productive people.

The Gov needs to get off her duff, get out in the real world and start looking at things from beyond her desk. It is obvious that she doesn't have a clue to the realities of North Carolina!!! Her recent actions beat all I've ever seen!


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