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Coach’s Job

In support of Coach Harwood sometimes coaches need to let the umpires know when they do not approve/agree with their calls. It is part of their job as head coach. As an umpire if you think you were going to call a game without any comments from a coach you are in for a rude awakening. In my opinion Mr. Currie made the first wrong move by approaching Coach Harwood. He should have told Coach Harwood, from his position behind the plate, that that was enough and if he heard more that he would be restricted to the dugout or possibility removed from the game. I have seen Mr. Currie in action several times and in my opinion goes a little overboard when questioned by coaches. Last years contest between Whiteville and South Columbus he (Mr. Currie) and Coach Willie Gore had it out and really it was quite humorous. Maybe Mr. Currie likes this attention when he gets in front of some of his home crowds (Mr. Currie lives less than a mile from Legion Stadium). Just a thought. Did Coach Harwood deserve to get tossed? Did he use profanity toward Mr. Currie? Watch the video and you can answer those for yourself. Coach Harwood did what any good coach would do. One poster did say that the team played better when Coach Harwood was not there. Think about it this way…Maybe they were fighting for the win just like he (Coach Harwood) was fighting for them!


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