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Too Bad

is right . Employment is down and the construction is no longer strong most of the hispanic men work in some type of construction. So who is paying for them to live for free US the tax payer but we do get some help from Golden Corral go there look around and what do you see (?) at least there working the hispanic women. They will work to keep there out of work men in beer and we (tax payer) will feed them, when the construction bussines comes back(if it ever does)they can send more U.S dollars to mexico then we can start all over again . Its a never ending cycle that will never stop. We did it to ourselfs, CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP ! What we all wanted, well we got it and look where we are today . And still today we have them in the Roofing and the Landscape phase of construction, thats all you see in this type of work there are only a few bussiness around that will not fold to the level that took this country to the self distruction that it faces today and beleave me you are getting what you pay for. A weak country we are today .So CHEEP is what you want and Cheep is what you get. You deserve it.Lets try to boost the hispanic population to 1,000, year in Wilmington alone . LOL . Good luck to us all


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