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1st of all these people who went to see Goddard were TRYING TO GET MONEY. They WILLINGLY accepted all the credit cards, called the number on the back of the cards and activated them paid Goddard his fee and then managed to charge up all kinds of debts and then filed BK. I don't feel sorry for any of "THOSE" people who tried and succeeded in charging up alot of debts and walked away from them only to blame the guy who helped them get the loans and cards. Not saying Goddard is innocent of all things in this indictment but he is a good person.Goddard may have fluffed the numbers trying to help these people but he in NO WAY "duped" stole" or anything like that. His fees for credit repair and loans were told to the people up front and they had NO issues paying HIS fee when they got the money. Know the facts before judging this man. He has helped alot of people. There is more involved than JUST GODDARD. I think its sad that the whole investigation is centered on Goddard. I wish he had a better Lawyer.
God Bless the Goddard family.


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