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The word is alleged...

This is a press release from the United States Attorney’s Office regarding alleged crimes. The press release was sent to WWAY in order to start this type of banter, playing to the lowest common denominator of intelligence. Judgment before facts. I hope that the 12 people selected for Mr. Goddard's jury of his peers remember that we live in America and that "every defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in court" as stated in this Press Release. I have seen the letters from Mr. Goddard's clients written on his behalf supporting him during this lengthy investigation. As a taxpayer, like all of you, I am most interested in seeing the facts that come out of this case e.g. the clients put on the stand to testify that they received all of these credit cards in the mail at their homes, opened the cards, used the cards (85% leftover after the 15% fee), and paid the monthly payments on the cards until their business filed bankruptcy. I am interested in hearing about the man that fled the country in order to avoid most of these charges that have ended up in Mr. Goddard's lap. I am interested to hear how the date of the indictment (Feb 23) is one day prior to the statue of limitations expiring on many of these charges yet there was no published info until Mar 3? I would like to know how much in taxpayer dollars was spent on this investigation that attempts to place blame on one man instead of all of the people that actually spent this $4M. We all deserve to know the facts in this case. Please remember that no matter what your personal opinion is of Mr. Goddard, he, like you and I, deserves a fair trial before being condemned by these allegations. Again, as stated in the Press Release "every defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in court".


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