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It is typically the intention of a person who is attacking a pregnant woman to cause harm to the fetus, a matter the woman has no control over. Bringing harm to another person simply because of willful negligence or malice is an inconsiderate, albeit irresponsible, action.
In having an abortion a woman is often taking into consideration 3 things:
1. her life
2. the quality of life for the child
3. her ability to mother, etc

Seems it is a considerate action to choose the abortion process in that taxpayers will not have to foot the bill for her and the child's upkeep and she herself can continue to pursue whatever goals she may/maynot have.
Judge not, it is a matter of choice. Just because a person is pro-choice doesn't mean they think abortion is the only option.
When someone attacks a preganat woman or decides to drive drunk and hits a woman with fetus in tow what leads up to the final outcome all boils down to a matter of choice. Those who choose to be willfully neglient of the safety of others or to inflict harm should be treated as the criminals they are, not the woman who is making a cognitive choice to better her life whatever she may choose.
Make sense now?


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