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Thanks for this well written

Thanks for this well written post. I am a woman without children who has had to have an hysterectomy, thus precluding me from ever having children.

I am staunchly and unabashedly pro-choice, however. I would like to live in a world where women AND MEN take birth control measures and where these measures work 100% of the times; I would like to live in a world where any one who can have a child can also afford him/her and take care of him/her; I would like to live in a world where women are not raped or forced to have sex against their will; I would like to live in a world where every child is loved and not abused.

But I don't live in that world. Most women who make the choice to have an abortion do so because they realize that going through months of pregnancy and having and raising a child cannot happen due to many reasons, including economics, family, lack of health care, etc.

No woman I know who's ever had an abortion did so for fun. There are plenty of children out there who are already born and are abused or not cared for or in foster care or looking to be adopted.

Ultimately, I believe that each and every woman is intelligent enough to make the decision to have or not have a child. No one - not the state, not a man, not another woman - should come between the woman and her choice, for whatever reason, to have an abortion.

I also find it ironic that it is often those who want government out of private affairs who would want to make abortion illegal.


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