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You completely missed the point of the entire post. Ironically, I am a taxpayer too. :}
This is not a bill for anti- prochoicers to have a heyday with, it is a bill meant to provide proper punishment for the particular breed of scum that would bring harm to a woman and her unborn child.
Since she is ultimately responisble for the child in the end, a woman has the right to choose whatever path she may take, period.
When someone attacks her maliciously with the (alleged) intention not only to harm her but her child as well she has no choice in that matter, only instinct.
I could go on for hours about our flawed welfare system and how there are those that take full advantage of it for personal gain. That, however was not the intention of my original post. Those of us with a decent level of intelligence need no elaboration in the sad state of welfare and abandoned children.
"If you can't feed your baby, then don't have a baby!"


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