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Whipping The Crap Out Of.....

I have not seen the "Whipping The Crap Out Of Our Public Schools" Report. I am curious where your information comes from. When a student goes to a charter school, how does this save money for the district?

I agree that there are some major problems with public education, but charter schools are not the panacea that their proponents are suggesting.

Why are proponents of charter schools so opposed to oversight? Are they really afraid that the oversight will stifle innovation? or bring light to the flaws within their policy and question their achievements.

Shouldn't public schools and charter schools be compared using the same empirical evidences. Let the "playing field be leveled" and apples be compared to apples. When that is achieved I am sure that some charter schools will be proven to be "whipping the crap out of" some public schools and vice verse.


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