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Lots of good programs have to suffer

We had ALL better realize that EVERYTHING is going to be cut, and accept that many worthwhile programs will suffer.

That's because your elected "leaders" are too weak to eliminate what truly needs to be gone, Medicaid, WIC, EIC, eternal food stamps, eternal Section 8 housing, and TANF that keeps getting extended and makes a joke out of the word "temporary" in its title. You have no "right" to anything the government must fund by taking money from other people. That is not a right, that's stealing and spreading the booty.

We also need to eliminate governmental funding of all things NOT related to government. Museums and large national or state parks need to start existing on entrance fees. Art councils and public broadcasting need to start tapping the wallets of all those who consider them so absolutely essential.

We also need to get a handle on Medicare spending. We need to start viewing Mediacre in two pahses - 65-75 and 75-EOL. It should exist in its present for during the first phase, but the second phase should see us make a shift to comfort care only. Giving a multiple bypass to an eighty year-old is like putting a new engine in your 1973 Chevy Vega - what goes out next week? The transmission? The brakes?

We need to end the "faked disability" cottage industry of lawyers actually teaching clients how to qualify for early Social Security and seniors how to hide assets to qualify for Medicaid. This is outright fraud and needs to end, now.

...and yes, we need to take a good, hard look at the Department of Defense, to eliminate some of the redundancy and bloat.

Until we recognize what this nation and state have become, how many societal sponges (intentional and unintentional) are sucking us dry, and cut off the gravy train to deadbeats and moochers, we're going to see everything else, everything worthwhile and needed, suffer.


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