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The only presidential "fool"

The only presidential "fool" that had anything to do with oil prices was that idiot Bush. In my opinion, he started the war in the oil producing countries with the intention of doing just what we see has happened. I am not an Obama fan, but he did inherit a mess. It will take a long time to fix if it is ever fixed. As for health care, we need an overhaul. The insurance companies have had their way too long, rejecting those with pre-existing conditions, putting lifetime caps on coverage, in short, collecting premiums and paying as little as possible out, even on legitimate claims. Obama only wants to make them more accountable to their policy holders. 80% of all monies collected in premiums must go toward health care, removing the cap, and making it possible for everyone, regardless of their health to get insurance. What is wrong with that? The insurance industry has done a fantastic job of brainwashing the American public.


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