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The initial "fool" callout was correct!

I remember hearing over and over again in Obama's campaign speeches. It was one of the pinnacles of his promises. It goes like this:

"I promise to get the United States of America FREE from it's dependence on foreign oil!!! We cannot allow our economy to be mandated by foreign oil"

So...what about THAT promise? Along with all of the others

He hasn't made the first baby-step. As a matter of fact he has migrated backwards with drilling moratoriums. There has been ZEEERO efforts to construct and operate new refineries. There has been ZEEERO efforts to convert over to LPG which is in a glut.

Why is it that our shipments of corn, wheat, barley, rice and other essential, non-sand growing food sell for $150.00 per bushel when shipped to the Arab countries?

I think we could make a deal! Why don't we?

The fact is we don't really need their oil if we would simply get to work, but they DO need our food...get it?


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