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The poor man getting poorer ...

I seem to recall when all this gas price situation started, how we were sooooo short on oil ... THEN the oil companies were bragging about record profits in the 100's of millions of dollars ... There is enough fuel for many, many years to come.

The oil companies found out that people would pay at the pump, going without medicine so they could have enough money to get to work, or for what ever reason ... and that would fatten up the OIL COMPANIES pockets. The poor man has NO chance of getting ahead, because the rich man is greedy and wants all he can get. The poor man works hard just to survive from paycheck to paycheck ...

Come on, there is NO reason for the increase other than to pay for some rich oil companies vacations, new cars or bonus.

Forget promise, don't say you're gonna do something ... DO IT!!!

We as Americans need to stand up and work TOGETHER, and fix this.
Complaining is not going to get us nowhere except mad, or in the hospital with health issues from worry or frustrations.


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