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Crazy weather patterns? Nah, it's just Spring!

Now I know that calendar on your wall says Spring doesn't start for a few weeks yet, but the weather map tells me differently. Yes, it was another spring-like weekend across the area featuring warm air, cold air, blossoming trees, rain, and severe thunderstorms. Looking across the country, it's definitely apparent that Spring is in the air.

Often times when we daydream about Spring in the dead of winter, we tend to think of warm, sunny days. But this is really only one part of the season, and a smaller part than we'd like to remember. Instead, what we usually find when we head into March and April are huge swings in temperatures not just here, but across the country. This is the season where Mother Nature is at battle with herself; where cold air is still trying to hang on, but warm air wants to put an end to it.

When this cold Canadian air clashes with the warm moist air to the south, we find major storms - and lots of them. This weekend was one prime example of what we can expect over the next several weeks. Here in Southeastern North Carolina we saw that warm air come rushing in on Saturday and Sunday - then the heavy rain and severe thunderstorms broke out, with even a few isolated tornadoes. This type of setup is common.

Heading into this week, we're already finding another similar storm taking shape. Now, we're very chilly as the cold air has rushed in behind the last storm. Beginning tomorrow, we'll see a warming trend start to take place. This warm air will be here and peak on Thursday, when that battleground boundary will plow through - likely bringing with it some strong to severe thunderstorms. It's lather, rinse, repeat until May folks!

This type of weather often confuses people into thinking it's wild and out of the ordinary. Ex) "I can't believe it was in the 70's yesterday and I'm scraping my car today!"

While the wild temperature swings and severe storms are certainly wild, they're not actually out of the ordinary. The fact is, in Spring you just have to get used to the fact that it can still be 75 one afternoon and 35 the next morning. It's for these reason that our "average" temperatures in the Spring months are not always very helpful.

Until Mother Nature makes up her mind and kicks out the cold air, we'll keep on seeing these up and down trends!

Enjoy your week!





By: Tim Buckley


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