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This is the law on's never enforced...

There are three basic criteria to define a "moped".
1. Must not be able to exceed 30mph on level ground.
2. Must be less than 50cc (cubic centimeters) engine displacement
3. Must have full automatic transmission (No gears to change)

Items 1 and 2 are frequently violated. Some folks are using scooters that can do in excess of 60 mph and have engines sometimes larger that 200cc. These are considered motorcycles and require the full gamut of vehicle legalities to include inspection, insurance, license, etc. This is rarely if ever enforced, so we essentially have the DUI's out there running the roads freely on motorcycles without obeying the law.

This doesn't really matter though. Our government consistently make new laws that law enforcement ignores, i.e.

TEXTING - I routinely see at least three people EVERY day texting that I have to avoid to keep from being in an accident. Texters should be subject to the very same penalties as a drunk driver! This action is putting your life and mine at great jeopardy! A 50 dollar fine is all they get...IF they are charged at all. and I get to die or maimed for life...they get a 50 dollar fine. Nice...

License plate borders - Can't cover up the state or the validation stickers. 3 out of 5 cars are in violation. There is no enforcement.

People under 18 using the phone while driving - well, just sit at any stoplight and'll get the drift. Again, this is total ignorance to the safety of the general public. Is it ever enforced? Nope...

Now...why do you wonder about scooter laws?


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