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Mopeds do not have that right

You are very wrong on just about all of that. Bicycles and mopeds are both required to stay to the right of the furthest right hand lane. A motorcycle can take a whole lane as well as legally ride two abreast.
Moped Rules

No person shall operate a motorcycle or moped upon a highway or public vehicular area unless the operator and all passengers thereon wear safety helmets of a type approved by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles
• A moped should travel using the right–hand side of the lane - To pass a moped, you must stay at least two feet to the left.
• The same DWI laws that apply to the drivers of other motor vehicles also apply to moped operators
• Stay out of traffic, as much as possible.
• Do not share lanes with other vehicles.

• Make sure other drivers can see you - wear light or brightly colored clothing.
• At an intersection, never "squeeze" between parked cars and moving traffic.
• If possible, install electric turn signals on your moped. Otherwise, be sure to use hand signals when you turn or stop.
• Failure to wear helmet, or having too many passengers, on a motorcycle or moped will result in a fine from $25 to $75.

And for bicycles:
In North Carolina, the bicycle has the legal status of a vehicle. This means that bicyclists have full
rights and responsibilities on the roadway and are subject to the regulations governing the
operation of a motor vehicle. North Carolina traffic laws require bicyclists to:
Ride on the right in the same direction as other traffic
• Obey all traffic signs and signals
• Use hand signals to communicate intended movements
• Equip their bicycles with a front lamp visible from 300 feet and a rear reflector that is visible from a distance of 200 feet when riding at night.


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