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I think you are full of beans. In the Midwest states, mopeds can not use the full lane. They have to stay to the curbside of the outside lane. The rider needs to wear a helmet also. If a rider gets pulled over for any reason and gets smart with law enforcement the bike is hauled off to the impound yard and the idiot has to pay steep fees to get it back. I would like to see the jackoffs that talk on there sell phone or text while driving have there phones confiscated by law enforcement on any traffic stop related to them then the officer drops the phone on the cement, stomps on it with his jump boots, makes the weasel owner clean up the plastic parts, writes the dweeb a nice pricey ticket, if he pops off about it, hog tie him, throw him in the back seat, off to jail he goes for disorderly conduct. I hope somehow someday all this type of behavior gets reported to the persons insurance company then they then also should pay a 40% surcharge on there premium. I think I have made some kind a point on various related traffic situations involving scooters and cars.


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