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I can't believe how many

I can't believe how many people find it so easy to make negative comments when these things happen. Reading the details, it shows that the vehicles were going around a curve when the accident happened. A driver doesn't necessarily have to be speeding to lose control of a car on a curve, even if not terribly sharp. In fact, a driver can lose control on a curve going exactly the speed limit in dry, sunny weather. And yes, this is coming from experience. My point anyway, is that the commentators who are nitpicking about what they think happened should really evaluate the important part of what happened. Senseless accidents happen, and what happened to this family isn't exactly something that can be reversed. Just use a little logic and realize that quite a few people who were part of this family's life are suffering right now. I really hope their family and friends can find some peace during this time and support each other through their grief.


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