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This is to the brilliant engineer of the "RANT" portion of WWAY where they find it appropriate to post the comments that are posted on here. THAT IS NOT NEWS. I felt disgusted when I read them online, and ten times more so when I saw they were being validated by being broadcasted on TV. I happened to be watching with 2 young boys, who both go to Waccamaw, and had to turn it off as they were visibly upset with what was being speculated by people who are absolutely not in any position to do so. Very poor taste WWAY. To speculate they were texting, speeding, irresponsible, or any other judgmental opinions is shameful. To profit from it as WWAY has and does regularly is even worse.

And if you want more evidence of what I'm talking about, look at the coverage that girl fight received from the local media. Great job being the first to broadcast violent behavior. Hope you win an award.


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