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I'll put this simply...

...instead of writing a book as some have done below. The simple fact is that ethanol based fuels are not efficient in automobiles. The ethanol fuels are wreaking total havok in the marine industry by ruining everything from fuel injectors, to hoses to fiberglass fuel tanks. Millions upon millions of dollars in damage so far.

Try this "novel" approach: Save the corn and sell it to the Arab nations for $150.00 per bushel as fast as we can get it there. Corn and other grains do not grow in sand and desert heat. Deliver Obama with that corn (for free) since he has totally neglected his promise to "...rid the United States from the dependence on foreign oil..."

If the Arabs and their children want to eat, we have the food. It'll just cost as much as their oil, maybe a little more. We should be able to work a deal here and use the corn for what it is supposed to be used for, Food not gasoline additives.

Of course, there is likely a bunch of FAT CATS on Wall St. milking this for every penny and getting very wealthy off the burden of the American people.....again. There is another easy solution for that one!


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