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I wholeheartedly disagree with you...

...and suspect that you are somewhere interconnected with the county council yourself. WWAY is simply reporting an actual story and exposing what appears to be a "shafting" by R3 that was voted in by the county council. IF R3 was on the up-and-up, they would have NO PROBLEM answering a simple phone call!!! The taxpayers of this county have every right to know about these ongoing, behind the scenes deals being made by our so-called leaders. I'm getting tired of hearing about it because I'm tired of seeing my hard earned tax dollars being pissed away by poor judgment and crooked characters. I appreciate having a news outlet with the testicular fortitude to expose it and display to our public EXACTLY what our "leaders" and the innate results of their antics are providing us (or lack thereof...).

If you want to talk "BULLY", go sit down in front of Jason Thompson and disagree with him. He may just invite you out in the parking lot to, " what men do". He's used to being a big, tough guy.

You want to talk unprofessional, just sit down in front of the etire cracker-jack county council. You'll get a HUGE lesson in, "unprofessional"!


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