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Worst Case Scenarios

I love how every time one of these gun laws comes up the pro gun supporters start talking about joggers getting raped in parks, children getting abducted from playgrounds, and the "bring a knife to a gunfight" scenario.

Simple fact is this. The element of surprise is a rapist or kidnapper's greatest weapon. No victim is prepared for either event. No gun, knife, bat, whatever will defend an unsuspecting victim from an attack. Self defense training may. As for guns in the home... what is the point? Gun owners typically keep their weapons locked up to protect their children from accidentally getting ahold of them. An unloaded gun locked in a nightstand may take too long to load once you realize an intruder is in your house.

We want to allow campers to take guns into state parks so they can get drunk and shoot at beer cans or squirrels? We want to allow people to take their guns into restaurants that serve alcohol so they can... what... defend themselves when they are attacked by a muslim, non-english speaking busboy who hates their freedom?


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