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Let's go over this slowly for you....

First, the people who hold concealed carry licenses have been thoroughly investigated by the sheriff. They are responsible, law abiding citizens. They follow the rules. They don't start shooting up parks or busboys.

All of you anti-gun loons somehow think that crazy people are being given permits to carry concealed. Care to tell us about how many concealed carried permit holders lose their licenses for firearm related crimes in any given year? You'll be very depressed if you do the research. Some get revoked for domestic violence or DWIs, but practically none are revoked for negligent or intentional misuse of a firearm.

Second, while you are spot on regarding the need to be aware of your surroundings, you have absolutely no idea how a properly trained individual can respond...nor do you know anything about home defense. I am alive today because I had a firearm close by when a burglar entered my home. I can literally give you dozens of examples of people attacked in parks, parking lots, and at home who successfully used a firearm to defend their lives

I'd say that YOU are more interested in denying people their freedom than any busboy I've ever met. You want to deny people the right to defend themselves....

....and your only tool is nonsensical, over-the-top rhetoric about law abiding citizens somehow being a problem.


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