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Flawed? It's insane!

This is just the latest form of Wilmington's political corruption at its finest. A group of nobodies somehow managed to WORM their way into the taxpayers' pockets and now try to elevate themselves into some quasi-governmnetal agency that yields power. There can be no doubt that this is nothing more than a power grab by WDI, and downtown business owners will find themselves having less and less to say while paying more and more in fees and special assessments as time moves on.

On the bottom end, you can bet that every single "ambassador" will somehow have connections to WDI employees or city council members. What better way to shut your sister up than to hire your worthless nephew as a "Downtown Ambassador?"

Never has any group collected so much and done so little.

We have already seen that WDI employees believe they can use the taxpayer subsidized budget as their own personal slush fund, so what will it be if this nonsense passes? Instead of free loans for groceries, will it be free loans for cars? Free cars? No accountability, as we have seen in the past? Let's loot the taxpayers three ways from Sunday, "...because I had seen it done in the past?"

I believe that the state needs to start looking into ALL these Wilmington/New Hanover groups that are sucking the taxpayers dry with the full cooperation of the city council and county commissioners. I don't even think Boss Hogg and Sheriff Rosco Coltrane could have cooked up this scam to take over and dominate downtown.

Locke and Jefferson both wrote of power being derived from the consent of the governed. Just tell WDI "NO." They HAVE no power, and that's the way you need to keep them. Don't give your consent to be raked over the coals and fuel the corruption that infects this city and county like a cancer.


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