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4th street

Cheated out of hundreds of dollars??? Try thousands.

I worked with a crew cleaning up framing defiencies for a number of weeks. I am still owed a thousand dollars from the contractor I worked for. This is money that he has not been paid and therefore unable to pay the 5 man crew he employed.

After working on saturday (payday), we all awaited our turn to receive a check. NC contractors paid off all the mexican crews, and when it was our turn, no check. I quit putting in hours seeing that there was a money issue. My boss got some money and divied it out to the crew, $400 each. Yet, I am still owed $1000.

Why are illegal immagrants even working on a government project? Why are the mexican crews getting paid and not the Americans that are fixing their shoddy work?

I believe Clancy and Theyes to be a standup company, but NC Contractors should be investigated by local, state and even federal levels of government.

I have since decided to change my profession after 16 years in the construction industry, but this money is still needed very badly.


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