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They should be expanding it!

The worst decision that the Supreme Court ever rendered (with the exception of the New London Eminent Domain case) was Furman v Georgia and its companion cases, in 1972.

Those decisions restricted capital punishment to first degree murder. They have since opened up a bit and allowed it for extremly heinous crimes, such as forcible child rape, but things were far better before Furman.

Many states in the Southeast and Deep South allowed capital punishment for rape, kidnapping, and third offense violent felony or felony with the potential for violence.

That's the way it should be. Third time that you've been convicted of armed robbery, burglary, or a combination thereof? Well, it's obvious that you're nver going to learn and we have to ask - how long before you actually DO kill someone?

I'm even willing to require photographic or DNA evidence, but once that's satisfied, you get one appeal up the state chain, one appeal up the federal chain, and then BOOM BOOM, out go the lights.

We spend far too much time coddling criminals when they need to be permanently removed from society in the cheapest, quickest manner.


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