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Thank you for protecting Wilmington

Thank you Kayne and Dr. Hill, and thank you to community members for organizing this rally to protest Titan and this outrageous attack on free speech.

Twenty states have laws against SLAPP suits - Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. These are lawsuits that attempt to intimidate and silence critics by the costs of legal defense. However North Carolina does not have laws against SLAPP suits.

I simply don't understand WHY ON EARTH anyone - ANYONE - would want 150,000 tons of coal being burned each year in the immediate area of 8,700 school children. To each and every person who thinks this is okay, for shame. You will have the inevitable health complications and impacts of those 8,700 children who are affected ON YOUR HANDS.

Is it worth money? Is it worth so-called economic development at the cost of human health and the environment?

Get real people. Nothing is more precious than human life. Nothing.

See you at the rally Saturday morning.


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