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LOL..AGAIN...they AREN'T getting sued for talking about elected officials...they are getting sued for spewing false claims against Titan. If you want to make up stuff about a company...make sure your pockets are deep with cash because most of them are going to take you to court! The anti-Titan group surely doesn't preach on the GOOD things about Titan...those things DO exist and a simple Google of Titan Cement in an UNBIASED way would yield something like this . The FACTS are this....Titan is going to follow EPA guidelines...guidelines PRAISED over by the same liberal left wing nut jobs that are against Titan and other plants.

I tell you what...I will listen to you guys...when you stop using energy from a COAL BURNING PROCESS in NHC, you start WALKING where you go instead of driving and you do away with all plastics/petroleum products in your home and wardrobe....until then YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE! Don't go telling others what to do until your OWN POOP DON'T STINK!


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