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No one has heard of field-stripping their butts?

This is what happens when you do away with the draft. No one gets "how to smoke with manners" rammed down their throat by a drill instructor.

You simply tear the filter off, stick it in your pocket, then tear the remaining cigarette right down the middle. All that remains is vegetable matter and small pieces of very thin paper that are scattered by the wind and disintigrate in days. And trust me, Princess, that little filter in your pocket isn't going to inconvenience you.

Or, you can smoke non-filtered, like The Duke, Bogie, and I did. Then there's no filter to worry about.....just lung cancer.....

But I'll bet Wrightsville Beach could get off cheap if they just contacted Camp LeJeune. Somewhere up there, there's a warehouse filled with 165,784 red and gold signs that say, 'FIELD STRIP ALL CIGARETTE BUTTS.'

I am available if WB wants to hire me on to teach one class a week on proper field stripping.


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