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Try getting a REAL job

...instead of being dependent upon the kindness of (unwilling) strangers, Blanche.

Taking money away from taxpayers to give to a select few is not a function of government. It is stealing, plain and simple; all to fund a "potential art boom"....meaning equally a potential, total failure and another $50k vanished without an accounting, much like the Gravely commissioning. Only this was planned to be $250k from both the county and city, wasn't it....?

I have no idea what video games or the per capita magnitude of the theft (only $.50 each!) have to do with this, but if your numbers were not pure fantasy, people and organizations would be chomping at the bit to invest. You wouldn't have to go put the touch on the taxpayers; every hotel, art supplies store, restaurant, and downtown tourist trap would be writing large checks to your little group of moochers.

That's not the case, however. Care to explain why? Is it because they scoff at your numbers too? Is it because anyone who has to approach the government for a handout in lieu of tapping private capital is pushing a money-losing proposition?

Get a clue! The days of looting the taxpayer to fund small, psuedo-elite groups pushing some vague agenda and nebulous goals are over. Those of you who sponge off the taxpayers for your little councils, committees, and cabals are just as big a drain as career welfare recipients and lifelong Section 8 residents.....and in most cases, you provide an equal service and purpose in life.


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