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I was thinking the same thing....

We have an adult gay man sexually involved with a (likely, or at least possibly) gay minor. Instead of agreeing that it is illegal and he needs to go to jail for a long time, people try to lay this on God's doorstep because this guy banged the ivories in local churches....and my fellow Christians can't ignore the obvious bait! They forget that THEY cannot restore eyesight to the blind.

As to your question, you can't protect your children unless you want to home school them, monitor their activity twenty-four hours a day, and deny them all TV, movies, and Internet. Unless this guy has a criminal history that should have been researched by the churches, he falls into the category of one of life's innumerable risks.

As Gibran wrote, children are the arrows and we are the archers. Once they leave the bow, it's only your skill as an archer that guides their flight.


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