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Satan abounds all around us

Satan abounds all around us every day. You see him at work in this article and in many of the comments about it. We have the free will to let him destroy our minds, hearts, and lives or we can stand on that solid rock of love, mercy, truth, and justice. I choose with you to pray for these souls, the ones involved in the crime, their families and mostly those who are in darkness in their comments here. For them all, I will pray. Just because they do not believe in God doesn't mean He's not there or that He loves them any less than the perpetrator here or the minor or you and me. He loves us all equally and died for our sins. Yes, he offers forgiveness to any who ask it of Him, but He requires that we turn from those sins and nowhere in the bible does it say we will not have to pay for our sin in this life. God demands justice as well. It is only after we leave this earth, having paid for our sins here, and turning away from them will He grant that pardon of being separated from Him eternally. Everyone needs to learn more about Him from His word and not through the actions or beliefs of others. Read the bible, it's all there. Prayers going up for everyone. I love you all in the spirit of Christ.


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