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If this man had no

If this man had no connection to "The Church", Excuses would not be made by these people who call themselves "Christians" or any other verbage referencing "God Fearing Folk". If Jeffrey Dahmer could have "opened up about his problems" would he have really revealed his affinity for eating human flesh and being sexually fulfilled by such..Hmmm..I DONT THINK SO!! Mr.Nobles has a problem indeed, not homosexuality, But PEDOPHILIA!!! Religion is an ancient concept,HOWEVER, oddly enough, christianity is one of the NEWEST religions but is somehow seen by its followers to be "THE ONLY RIGHT WAY"...Really? If Mr. Nobles was a delivery driver and not a church organist half of these posts wouldnt be here. The sad part is if you prCatice what you preach all you "God Fearing Folk" would seek Mr. Nobles out to minister to him instead of defending your faith to the masses on this BLOG BLOG BLOG.


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