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Let me set you straight here...

I happen the know the guy stated above, Michael. I also know the teen that he happened to fornicate with. I will let you know, this teenager found Michael. He went out and found him, not the other way around. Now I agree Michael shouldn't have done what he did, and was told several times by people he told, that he needs to stop what he is doing, but the Teen boy, which is gay, kept asking for more, not Michael. This teenager may have been young at the time, but was and still is perfectly capable of knowing what he is doing. He knew it was illegal, but he still asked Michael to do it, and he also knew that Michael, if was caught, would get in trouble. Before you go off telling people this and that, maybe it would be important for you to go get your facts straight. However, I must agree. Michael does need to get worse punishment, because he needs to learn, he can't do that. I agree with you on that statement.

By the way, the teenager is 16 now, and still goes and has fun with much older guys. He still knows what he is doing, and is going to continue to do it!


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