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Leave The Hobbit Alone....

Look I know Brian personally and so what if he was using the county van for personal use...have you seen the old piece of crap BMW he normally drives?...The thing is falling apart, the tag is dead and it won't pass inspection! So what do you expect him to do? Drive around illegally? Now that wouldn't be responsible now would it? If I had my way we would just go ahead and put him in something more suitable like an MG Midget or maybe something that would boost his interview a Smart car...but regardless of what's being said about him abusing his power I am sure the Brian is just taking the heat for his girlfriend Heather who was more than likely the one who was really using the county van to drive her two children around and picking up grocery's for Brian and herself with her government food stamps. Oh yes I said food stamps! Well in closing I just wanna say please don't pick on the little guy. He is almost the size of a real person and though he may not have any mental capacity I'm sure he still has feelings. Besides, anyone as twitchy and spastic as him may end up on top of a clock tower with a rifle!!!


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