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Not fanatical, not scared, I just love my country....

...and what it stands for. I haven't forgotten what happened to over 3000 innocent American Women, Men and Children at the hands of "fanatical and scared" terrorists with nothing on their minds but senseless murder of civilians. Freedom of religion does not equate with freedom to murder, or freedom to wreck an entire country.

I do not believe most people to be weak minded. I see no positive reason to have the Imam speak from one of our state universities and I see absolutely no reason why anyone that has any sort of allegiance to his/her country could possibly support someone with ideals parallel to the Imam. He is nothing other than a trouble maker. We don't want him here anymore than they wanted him in New York, that is perfectly clear!

You are welcome to sling your accusations about personalities all you like. Your self-serving admission that you don't believe in any God or religion and hate "stinky" children lends a pitiful credence to your liberal ideas. I doubt seriously you are from the United States as your posts indicate that you would easily become a spineless traitor when to going gets tough...all in the name of "freedom of speech and religion".

Oh....just to inform you, I don't stockpile weapons. I do have my share, practice my marksmanship regularly and am licensed to carry. You can bet your life that myself and millions of other Americans are keeping our eyes open for those that intend to commit any acts of terrorism against our country and against our people. People like you will run with their tail tucked, back to Europe where you came from.


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