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While I understand what you

While I understand what you are saying it is not entirely true. I came from a very loving home with my parents always around and spending time with me, we went to church every Sunday were involved in all sorts of activities and were taught right from wrong and at the age of 17 I became a mom because I myself made the wrong decision, my parents were good honest hardworking people who devoted their lives to mine and my sisters upbringing. Children make choices no matter what they are taught and one way of teaching is showing the hardships of others as an example, while I agree with you that they should not glorify the choices these children have made I do also see the learning benefits from it if not for my children even myself, ways to avoid the situation and to remind myself that I may try my hardest at all times to be a great mother and like so many other mothers out there I may feel as though I have failed. At the end of the day it boils down to kids make bad decisions even from the best of upbringings and kids make good decisions from the worst of upbringings. It is hard as a parent and we all only do what we think is best but I do not agree with always blaming the parent for the choices there child makes it is not always the parents doing but instead is the choice of the child all we can do is help them over come it. Even though I was a teen mom and chose to keep the baby I graduated high school while working full time and paying for child care on my own, moved out after graduation into my own apartment, paid all my bills worked and put myself through college, now I have a very well paying job and have become a successful member of my community. So you see it is possible and I could not have done it if my parents hadn't raised me the way they had, me being a teen mom did not hamper my abilities to be successful I chose to rise above the hard times and achieve all I knew I was capable of. My hard times were not the fault of my parents it was my fault for making the choice I made and I do not appreciate people blaming 2 wonderful people for the choices I made.


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