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no she never has any sing of

no she never has any sing of being drunk she drives my bus and would never do a thing like that she cares about the students on her bus and she knows she wouldnt be able to drive a bus drunk. She admits she was wrong and that mug shot is hours after she has been crying her eyes out and saying she was sorry so please dont make asumptions because u have no idea what type of pearson she is and have no idea how bad she realy felt she made that desition and is now paying the price and know's she messed up and wont do it agin so think and get your facts right befor you write something stupid like that agin and besides you cant tell me you have never drove drunk befor just cuz u havent got cought dont meam you havent done it over 90% of people will drive drunk in there life time dont mean they alwas get cought so once agin think about ur family members maybe doing that befor u critize other people


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