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Wilmington is a college town like it or not. There are two colleges within 10 miles of each other, and wilmington is not a huge town to begin with. There is nothing you can do with the consuming of alcohol. People will get drunk at the beach and the beach bars and spill out late night looking like a mess. People will go downtown causing a scene being drunk and this will go on for years to come. There is nothing you can do about it! And I believe this is terrible what they are doing because it is only provoking an all-out drunk fest ALL OVER the town of wilmington for that day instead of a confined area. People that have purchased tickets and have planned a small vacation will still come and will still plan to drink. So the only thing you are doing is puting more pressure on our police force to keep people safe. Lets think. would it be easier to look over drunk people in one area or all over the town of wilmington? It is plain and simple... Wilmington is a college town and forever will be with its growing reputation and increasing student enrollment at UNCW. If you don't like it THEN GET OUT!!!!


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