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This isn't the dang ice capades, this is AMERICA

Wing Fling is a great event that I had the privilege of attending while I was in school at UNCW. It's always been for a great cause and always had a great turn out every year. Former Wilmington Residents, UNCW Alumni, and Cape Fear Alumni make the trip every year from where they live now to attend because it is so much fun. I also know countless people that invite their friends from all over the state and country to make the trip down to ILM for Wing Fling. Besides charity it brings in tons of money to the small businesses around Wilmington for the weekend. Wilmington doesn't have any other festivals that draw as much profit from it's ticket holders. Everyone knows the Azalea festival sucks, but hey even the young crowd still supports it. UNCW is even one of the sponsors for the event (gotta love increased tuition for those random fees). As far as drinking goes in Wilmington people just need to relax a little. Parents don't be a bad parent and teach your kids the responsibility of drinking. Fess up and don't act so uptight, all that causes is your kids to abandon your morals and start smoking crack and shooting up. Stop pointing fingers and do something about it if you have that big of a problem. UNCW students proposed a year round bus system several years back that would bus kids to the beach and from downtown to decrease the chance of students getting behind the wheel. That of course got shot down. Church's in Myrtle Beach offer their van services during Senior Week to help get High School students back to their hotels safely. They don't preach to the students they simply offer them a safe alternative to driving and encourage them to make good decisions. Alcohol is something that Americans consume no matter how old or how young they are it's their choice. It can't and won't ever be stopped, but you make the consumption of it safer by putting in safeguards. Canceling Wing Fling is probably the stupidest thing for a town that is already hurting economically. And for everyone that keeps bashing it saying its a fraternity sorority thing. The fraternity that runs it is a coed business fraternity. Don't confuse them with the normal GREEK life that buy their friends and spend their daddy's money. Read a book sometime and stop being ignorant they are nothing alike. People come to Wilmington to vacation where they relax and party. It may not be a college town but it is definitely a party town. That's just what happens in a beach atmosphere you let loose. I hope Wilmington sacks up and stops whining and being sissy's over this. Well let me just quote the late-great Colonel Sanders, who said..."I'm too drunk to taste this chicken."


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