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To all of you crying about

To all of you crying about the wing fling I have a few questions for you. If it’s a UNCW event then why is it not held at UNCW? My guess is because they don’t want it. The wing fling was at Hugh McRae Park for years and then they were told that they were not welcome back again because of the problems with the crowd. Last year it was at Battleship Park and they were told not to return again because of the problems with the crowd. So why in the world should the City of Wilmington let the Wing Fling happen inside their city limits? Once again it is the crowd destroying a good event and then crying that the government should relax and let the function go on because it has gone on for years. I have gone to the Wing Fling before and have stopped going because of the crowd, and yes I do live in Wilmington and I don’t want my home town known for a drunken feast because people do not know how to behave. A good rule of thumb is if you would not do something at your own house don’t do it at someone else’s house.


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